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Fandom and Such [Sep. 30th, 2013♦11:38 pm]

Sometimes I am amazed at what certain fans are concerned about in their fandom and what they aren't. And the reasons that they care about certain things.

Today, while looking at Sherlock news, wondering if we had an air date, I stumbled across a debate for the chronology of the Holmes stories. And realized that people really do care about the order that the Holmes stories happened. To me, a Holmes story is all about the mystery. I don't care if Sherlock was frolicking in Baskerville before or after he was solving mysteries about red-heads. It's doesn't matter to me. And I get the feeling that it didn't matter to Doyle either. I mean, look at Watson: sometimes he has a shoulder wound sometimes he has a limp. Doyle wrote for The Strand, a monthly (I think?) publication. He wanted readership and didn't deeply care about his characters (remember that time he killed Sherlock?). He didn't even care enough to give Watson a consistent injury; I mean how hard is it to keep track of a bullet wound? (Sherlock, however does a great job of reconciling the canon inconsistency). So I'm not sure Doyle had chronology plan.

In the same vein, I have seen numerous people reference John's CV. They have reconstructed it based on a screencap where it was on a desk for a second. I'm gonna go out on a limb and guess that some low-level person just typed out a CV never expecting the actual paper to be taped and legible. And now fans are having a hell of a time trying to rationalize it and Martin Freeman's age, Watson's apparent experience, etc.

I can only imagine that chronology and CV's are really important to people who write fan fiction and care about accuracy. But I don't know. Maybe some fans are just curious for curiosities sake? In some ways I show my hand being aware that this is up for debate in fandom at all. But I tune in the Sherlock (and Elementary) primarily for the mysteries as well as seeing Sherlock interact with others. I don't care about timelines and CVs and what-nots.

But that's why I am completely fascinated by fandom. How people come together in mutual appreciation of one thing and than fixate on different aspects. It's crazy and fantastic all at the same time.